What Is The Best Thing To Absorb Odors?

No one likes talking about house odors; however, it is important to tackle them. Musty food and animal odor may settle permanently into your rooms.

To worsen the matter, most people prefer using air fresheners to deal with unwanted odors. This just masks smells and does nothing to eliminate them.


Instead of lighting up lots of scented candles or plugging air fresheners into the electrical sockets, you can eliminate smells for good with lemons.

Lingering smells will affect how much you get to enjoy your house. Whether you inherited the stinking room from the earlier owner or your loved ones caused the smell in your house, you can use proven techniques to eliminate the odor.

Do not make the mistake of spraying a deodorizer to mask a foul odor.

While it will take time to get rid of lingering smells from mildew, cooking, smoke, or pets, it is possible to freshen up your house and introduce pleasant smells.

Lighting A Fragrant Candle

While spicy fragrant or sweet-scented candles will not eliminate strong odors from your house, they can infuse your house with a more alluring scent once the smells get removed.

Other things that can do the job well are room sprays and reed diffusers.

Baking Soda

This is an important pantry item for any baker’s kitchen.

However, this smell-absorbing, an all-natural ingredient is the best addition to your cleaning up cabinet, as well.

Has a nasty odor seeped into the upholstered furniture or carpet?

You can sprinkle baking soda over the surface, allow it to work wonders for a couple of hours (or overnight if the odor is especially overpowering or unpleasant).

Vacuum the floor and the odor will vanish. Using baking soda to dust the inner soles can make sure they smell fresh and clean for their next wear.

By mixing 4 tablespoons of baking soda with a liter of water, it is possible to make an all-purpose cleaner that can clean up and freshen up lots of surfaces, which include floor tiles and kitchen bench-tops around your house.


Vinegar is yet another affordable, versatile, and natural home cooking ingredient/cleaner that most people have.

You can use it for neutralizing a variety of different smells, which popularly plague your house.

Take a bowl of vinegar and leave it in a space, which is infused using a foul-smelling, stubborn odor, and come next morning, the spot should be free from smell.

Boiling a cup or two of this cleaning item on the stove can provide relief from cooking odors.

You can also pour vinegar directly down the drain to freshen up the clogged, smelly pipes.

First, pour half a cup of bicarbonate of soda down the kitchen or bathroom sink, and then add half a small amount of vinegar.

Allow it to sit for some minutes, and then use hot water to flush your drain. Pour 2 cups of vinegar at the bottom of a dishwasher or into an empty washer.

After that, do a full cycle, which can also eliminate the foul-odor and build up from these house appliances.

Making Natural Deodorizers And Sanitizers

Do not want to use deodorizers and chemical cleaners for deodorizing and disinfecting your house?

Why not use essential oils and other ingredients that you can get naturally to make your own instead?

Most essential oils, like peppermint oils, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, and tea tree, come with antibacterial and smell-eliminating properties.

This makes them perfect options to store-bough house clean up products.

To make your home-made essential oil sanitizer, take your preferred oil and mix some teaspoons (or use a mixture of various oils together) using water to make an all-natural, strong sanitizer.

This product can help absorb odor, make your house to appear clean and infuses it with a fragrant smell.


Have you spilled something on your fabric (carpet or upholstered furniture, for instance)?

You can use several paper towels or a plush towel to blot the excess liquid from the area.

Use your foot or one hand to press the towel into the area. Do not rub, as it will only work odor and dirt further into the carpet piles or fabric.

Soak as much as possible, and then allow the spot to dry. Blotting will absorb excess moisture, which will result in that musty odor caused by mildew and mold.

Installing Exhaust Fans

These are an important addition to any kitchen or bathroom. This is because they get rid of moisture from the air that helps stop mildew and mold growth.

The exhaust fan also prevents foul smells from pungent cooking, smells to musty odor, as well.

If there are no exhaust fans in your kitchen or bathroom, think about installing these items in the house.

You can also place them on your essential list when planning the new cooking or bathing zone.

Used Ground Coffee Beans

Do you love coffee? Then you will like this idea of getting rid of the smell.

Each day, after you make your morning coffee, take an old container to put the used beans.

When you notice an unwanted smell in your house, pour the used seeds into a couple of bowls and place them around the affected place.

The coffee grounds will help in trapping and absorbing the smell.


Most lingering smells are the result of cooking food items like onions and fish.

Get rid of these smells by slicing 2 lemons in half and putting them in a little water to boil for several minutes. When done, run the lemons through the trash disposal to deodorize it.


You should open the windows to air out every room. Select a good day with a gentle wind to help in moving air throughout the house.

Airing can help in releasing smalls in furniture, carpets, and curtains. You should keep the windows open for at least one hour, or longer for especially, heavy smells.

Several popular house items (especially white vinegar and baking soda) have strong properties, which get rid of odors without using chemicals.

However, less-popularly known items such as vodka and coffee will do magic when it comes to getting rid of, not just masking, nasty odors.

You should get rid of the source, become creative with what you have available.

Also, think about getting a filtration and mechanical ventilation system that will work to fight odors throughout the day.