How To Design Your Kitchen

It is often an interesting and thrilling experience for homeowners when it comes to designing a kitchen.

This is enhanced much more if you are interested in what is taking place. This is one area of a home, which comes under the eye of your house guests.

Through the years, the kitchen has turned out to be the main focus of many houses. For this reason, it raises the need to create the best kitchen designs.

To design the kitchen of your dreams you need to first identify the space in your home to use as a kitchen.

It is important that when you are deciding, you need to endeavor to orient your kitchen to face either east or southeast. This will ensure it is filled with the morning sunshine.

How You Can Design A Comfortable Kitchen

It time to entertain your loved ones and guests

  1. Planning the Kitchen’s Layout

A kitchen’s layout is important. If you do not plan it in the right way, you may find yourself having to cross your kitchen several times since items are not quite where you require them.

You should design the layout around the traffic pattern of normal use. Think about how your loved ones use the area.

Offer wider footpaths for opening up the kitchen’s design and space for storage. This will allow you to have everything you require always readily available. Or else, space will feel crowded not inviting.

  1. Having the Right Spacing

When thinking about functionality and shape, you should ensure walkways are as wide as possible for easier and safer cooking.

Remember that you will require counter space for appliances such as blenders, toaster, and mixers. The microwave and fridge need to have enough room for opening and closing.

Make sure also that your cooktop is away from areas with high traffic if you have kids who might knock pans over.

You should plan for the kitchen countertop “landing” area on every side of a stove for cooking racks and mixing bowls.

  1. Managing the Lighting

While you need overhead lights during daytime in all other rooms in your house, they may not be as appropriate in a kitchen.

These lights mean that you will always have a shadow over anything you are doing. To deal with the issue of overhead lights, you can consider cabinet lights that are an amazing option.

Furthermore, a kitchen needs a window with blinds on them to allow in controlled light from the sun at day time.

  1. Work Triangle

Formerly, designs were often performed around a work triangle. This helped determine the position of the range, fridge, and sink.

The best kitchen has to make the distance between the range, refrigerator, and the sink comfy as a lot of kitchen work centers around them.

If there is too much distance, any person who will be preparing food will get fatigued trotting between them. On the other hand, if the workspace is too close it becomes restricted.

The three main work triangle layouts include the U-shaped, I-shaped and the gallery. The gallery is where you are working on the limited room and arrange all the appliances along the same wall.

I-shaped design is where you place one appliance on one wall while placing the other two on another. The u-shaped uses three different walls to position the three appliances.

  1. Remember the Appliances

You will want to enjoy the new kitchen with new appliances as well. These appliances will play an important role in the kitchen budget; however, keep in mind you will use them daily.

There is no need for selecting costly appliances; however, go for popular models so they are easy to service if necessary. You should buy an extended warranty as well for peace of mind.

  1. Remember the Power

Most homeowners forget about getting enough sources of power when remodeling their kitchen design.

The kitchen has lots of electrical appliances, so you might like having enough electrical sources. You need to ensure you do not overload an individual socket, since this may lead to an electrical disaster.

  1. Storage Solutions

When it comes to designing the kitchen of your dreams you have the luxury of designing it to your specific needs. If it is affordable, you can incorporate cutting-edge storage solutions.

Consider drawers, as they are efficient and will hold up to 30 percent more things than shelves. Drawers are also user-friendly, and you do not have to squat down to get things.

Pull out corner solutions, pull out corner pantries, and concealed drawers will help in making the kitchen user-friendly and will be the best long-term investment.

  1. Floors

When selecting a design for your kitchen floor, the most important consideration is durability and ease of clean up.

Good options to use include linoleum, ceramic tile or wood. You can get these in many designs, are long-lasting and a breeze to clean up.

Another consideration is safety particularly if you have kids. Think about installing textured tile as smooth types get slippery when wet.

Wooden floors, alternatively, are the best choice if you have high traffic in the kitchen.

  1. Creating a Center of Attention

Though a center of attention can be a revolving bouquet or any other statement piece, you can also work it into the layout of your kitchen.

Whether it is adding unique backsplash patterns or stylish floors or tile, having a single standing out element in the kitchen will work to match with your room’s more subtle details.

  1. Theme

When considering how you can design the kitchen, the first thing to consider is the theme. Your preferred theme will influence the kitchen units, type of floor, lighting option and many other factors.

Tip: Kitchens have recently become part of the main house. Because of this, as you consider ways of designing the kitchen, you need to think about designs that will help in connecting the kitchen to the nearby rooms to make sure they stay in harmony.

  1. Know the Function of your Island

Most contemporary kitchens in new houses have an island. You should know what you will use the island before adding it to the layout.

If you intend to use it for food preparation and cooking, make sure it stays near the range or oven. If you will use the island for entertaining and eating, ensure there is lots of seating space and chairs around this space.

  1. Garbage Solutions

When you are designing the kitchen of your dreams, it is easy to become excited and not remember the daily needs of the area.

If you have limited space, you can use the under-sink space to pull out bins, which are available in a range of sizes and designs.

If space is not an issue and you require something bigger, a full-length pull out bin is something to think about. Close to the sink is a good area to keep a garbage bin.


You should have fun with the new kitchen and consider elements you can incorporate that will make your kitchen stand out.

There is a lot more to think about when designing the kitchen other than only the cabinetry. Keep in mind that there are design opportunities in lighting, ceiling, flooring, and splashback.

Whether it is a shared living room, bathroom, or kitchen, each space in your house needs to be the correct fit for you and your loved ones.