Is It Okay To Store Things On Top Of A Refrigerator?

Occasionally, the thought of having certain home accessories on top of your fridge sounds fantastic.

This means, putting plastic flowers on top of your fridge would enhance your interior decor. However, before placing anything on top of your refrigerator, you should confirm whether it is a good idea.

Experts say that it is not always safe to store items on top of your refrigerator. Sometimes, it could cause a potential hazard.

So, always find out what the fridge can accommodate. Also, identify all the safety measures when placing items on top of the refrigerator.


Can I Store Items above the Fridge?

If you have limited space in your kitchen, the refrigerator’s top part may seem like the ideal place to store certain things.

It could be plates, kitchen appliances, utensils, kitchen cookbooks, among others. But keep in mind that a refrigerator is electrical kitchen equipment.

So, it carries several risks, as indicated in the manual. It would be best if you avoid stuffing up the top of your fridge with almost anything.

But if you need to use the top of the refrigerator as a storage space, there are some measures you ought to observe.

One of the standard measures would be to line the top of your refrigerator with a heat resistant material or mat. Then, you can place the items on top of the heat resistant mat.

This way, you avoid risks of potential fires or electrical shocks. Also, note that the refrigerator makes specific movements when it is on.

Placing the heat resistant materials will prevent the stored items from falling due to the movement.

Avoid Storing Bulky Items On Top Of the Refrigerator

Before you store anything on top of your fridge, please note that the refrigerator is prone to movements.

In fact, anytime you open the refrigerator, it moves slightly. So, if you store items here, they move in line with the fridge.

Therefore, storing items like glass utensils on top of the refrigerator is not a good idea. Eventually, they end up falling and creating a massive mess in your kitchen.

Similarly, bulky appliances on the top of the refrigerator can also fall without warning. It would be sad to lose expensive kitchen equipment because of poor storage.

Not to mention, when these items fall, they pose a danger to your children. A small child can step on the fallen pieces of glass and hurt themselves unknowingly.

Ultimately, avoid storing heavy and delicate items on top of your fridge. If you have a small kitchen, look for other storage places.

You can even add drawers in your living room to save on kitchen space.

Is It Safe To Store A Microwave On Top Of The Fridge?

One of the most frequently asked questions is if homeowners can put their microwaves on top of the fridge.

We understand that you may not have enough kitchen counter space to store your microwave. But it would help if you considered the hazards involved.

The majority of homeowners keep their microwaves on top of their fridge, especially those with small kitchens. Let us look at if it is safe to store your microwave on top of the refrigerator.

Can A Fridge Accommodate Heavyweight?

First, can a refrigerator handle the weight of a microwave? Well, it depends on the type of refrigerator.

Some refrigerators are robust enough to support the weight of a microwave. On the other hand, some don’t have a robust exterior casing to support a microwave.

Nonetheless, on average, standard refrigerators can support about 20 kilograms. But as seen earlier, the fridge continually moves.

If you are not careful, your microwave oven could fall unexpectedly on the kitchen floor. As a result, it could get damaged and destroy the kitchen floor as well.

We all know that a modern microwave oven can cost you thousands of dollars. So, avoid storing it directly on top of the fridge.

How about you build a robust shelf on top of the refrigerator to accommodate the microwave? That sounds like a better and safer idea.

Alternatively, you can always buy a microwave stand to store your microwave. This way, your kitchen will stay neat, and you will not clutter the top of your fridge.

Besides, the refrigerator will continue working normally. The microwave oven stand does not cost a lot, and you could find it in almost any store.

What Safety Measures Should I Observe When Putting Things On Top Of My Refrigerator?

When you buy a refrigerator, it always comes with an instruction manual. Often, the manual shows what you should avoid placing on top of your refrigerator.

So, make sure you read and understand the manual before you place anything in your fridge. The refrigerator needs to run throughout the day.

Be careful about what you put on top of the refrigerator.

Other safety measures that you ought to observe when using your microwave include:

  • Before you store anything on top of your fridge, consider your height and that of the refrigerator. If you are not tall enough to comfortably reach the refrigerator’s top, consider another storage space.

Otherwise, you increase the risk of items falling on you when you try accessing them. Conversely, if you can reach the top of the fridge without difficulty, then you can store things here. But always check the manufacturer’s manual before storing anything.

  • When you store your microwave oven on top of the ridge, the chances are that both pieces of equipment will use the same socket.

So, make sure the socket can support both appliances. Otherwise, you would overwork the socket, and it could burn. Not to mention, it could lead to electrocution.


In conclusion, storing things on top of your refrigerator is not recommended. But if you need to store items on top of the fridge, always check the manual.

If the manual allows, observe all the safety measures. But avoid overloading your fridge. The standard fridge can accommodate a weight of approximately 17 to 20 kilograms.

Others support more weight. It all depends on the type of fridge. Nevertheless, if you want your fridge to last for a long time, avoid making it storage space.

You would instead build more shelves on top of the refrigerator and create storage space.