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Review of The Best Table Top Ovens – 2021

What Exactly Is A Table Top Oven And How Does It Work?

When the holiday season is around the corner, you are most likely to start planning early for menus and snipping recipes.

As you get nearer, you will begin to plan out a cooking timeline, and come across one usual challenge: how to bake a lot of things at the same time if you just have one oven and that will be tied up by the lamb chops.


One solution: You should make a small investment in a table top oven.

A counter top electric oven is a small-scale oven that can be placed on the counter top without it taking up lots of space.

The oven comes with a fan, which circulates air and ensures the temperature inside remains steady, allowing the meals to cook evenly.

Though every oven has certain “convection currents,” which circulate hot air, not all have a fan to help in air distribution.

Many table top ovens roast or bake the food quicker due to that fan.

This may sound terrific; however, the fan does not have the same effect on all foods.

Meat products will be baked faster and perfectly tasty, while bread and cookies can lose their softness since the fan tends to dry out the air inside.

But many convection ovens give you the option of turning the fan off.

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Benefits Of Using A Table Top Oven

One of the benefits is that it can roast or bake the food faster due to the fan. Other benefits include:

  • Meat has a higher yield, meaning it shrinks less during the cooking.
  • The meat is juicier.
  • Everything that may be cooked in a standard oven may be cooked in the best counter top oven.
  • The fan also permits the food to be baked evenly to ensure that the bottom is not burnt to a crisp, while the top is uncooked.

After the holiday season, you might find that your new table top oven is your best friend.

Most can roast a chicken in less than one hour.

A table top oven is also a perfect for roasting baking cakes, vegetables; to put it briefly, anything your standard oven can do provided that it does not need a baking dish that is too large for the space.

  1. How much space on the counter are you ready to surrender? You should measure your space, which includes the distance between small table top oven and bottom of your cabinets, and then look at the oven specifications before you put it in your virtual shopping cart or carry one home.
  2. Thinking of the new pressure oven out there? It will cook a turkey in roughly one hour, but will not offer you the picture-perfect browning you are accustomed to.
  3. A rotisserie won’t always make a better roast chicken compared to a baking pan.
  4. Some convection ovens can get rid of the requirement for a toaster, crisps and browns bread as fast like a pop-up toaster.
  5. If you do not have a lot of counter top space, think of a microwave-convection oven combination.
  6. Unless you are a passionate steaming fan and do not have another way of steaming, do not purchase a steam oven; cleaning can be a challenge.
  7. Your table top oven will not come anywhere near rivaling the performance of a grill or broiler.

A counter top convection oven is handy when you want an extra oven for cooking something small, and you do not want to use your full-size oven, for moments when you want to cook two things in the oven at different temperatures, or for side dishes for holidays.

They are also ideal for dorms or vacation cabins, or in areas where it can be useful to heat foods outside the kitchen, such as the bar, man-cave, or garage.

A small table top oven is easily portable, so it’s possible to set them up anywhere you have an electrical outlet, so you can toast hamburger buns on your outdoor patio while your burgers are on the barbeque grill.

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Review of the 6 Top Rated Table Top Ovens in the Market.

1. NESCO Roaster Oven with Porcelain Cookwell, Stainless Steel

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It is important that you invest in the Nesco stainless steel roaster oven to make your kitchen a lot more practical.

This appliance features a unique removable steel cover and an exclusive circle of heating element.

In addition, users will also like the adjustable thermostat, which is both user-friendly and powerful.

The unit also has a stainless steel lid and body for improved functionality.


  • Automatic temperature control for energy-efficient, even cooking. Letting you, brown meals, steam, roast, slow cook, as well as bake.
  • Offers lasting durability thanks to the stainless steel lid and body.
  • Heat and cook well as well as resists stains, corrosion, scratches, chips
  • Guide for recipe and care/use
  • Slow cook, poach/steam, roast, and bake function
  • Unique CIRCLE OF HEAT build means meals are prepared from the side and not the bottom, for a moister cooking outcome
  • Easy to use on the pouch due to its portable design.
  • Adjustable temperature control from 200 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Holds a full turkey up to 22 pounds or use to bake cookies, bake pies, for large batch foods and other cooking requirements
  • Comes with a detachable chrome steel racks to keep poultry/meats raised or has handles for simple with transport
  • Porcelain coated detachable cookwell.


  • Large capacity
  • Capable of roasting, simply warming food, steaming, roasting, slow cooking and baking
  • Value Affordable
  • Portable


  • It cannot broil

200 degrees is the minimum set temperature.

Convection heating works with a fan to blow hot air over your meals, meaning it cooks faster.

It also makes better browning while your chicken or roast stays juicy.

Baking is more even thanks to the hot air, so all the cookies on a cookie sheet are going to brown at the same time, without the need to rotate the pans when you are cooking.

Some of the best countertop ovens are fancy oversized toasters, which are great for reheating lunch, frozen foods, and snacks, while others are genuine ovens which can bake dozens of cookies or roast a chicken to perfection.

2. Hamilton Beach Counter Top Oven with Convection and Rotisserie

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The Hamilton Beach 31103DA counter top oven comes with extra cooking space, as well as a rotisserie that makes it much more versatile.

The unit can hold two standard cake pans, two 9×13 inch baking pans, or two 12-inch pizzas simultaneously. The rotisserie is capable of holding a 5 lbs chicken or a roast that is similar in size.

It features a 2-hour timer and setting for broiling or baking. Even though the temperature dial increases to 450 degrees, some customers have claimed that the exact temperature is a bit lower.

While you can use it as a toaster, it does not come with a dedicated function for toasting.


  • It has all you need to get roasting, broiling and baking. It has a broiler rack, two oven racks, and a detachable drip tray, to baking pans and rotisserie skewer & lifter.
  • Broil and bake settings with a two-hour timer; Baking occurs more evenly and fast with convection setting than traditional oven bakes
  • Maximum versatility, which includes rotisserie


  • Great for cooking pizza.
  • Uses 50% the energy of a full-size oven
  • User-friendly
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Convection technology
  • Features rotisserie feature, 2 oven racks, and rotisserie tray


  • Some customers have stated it does not heat to the right temperature
  • Use an actual thermometer to test the temperature

Choosing The Right Table Top Oven Size

The size and capacity of your table top oven is determined by how you are intending on utilizing it on the available kitchen space.

There are three methods to calculate the size and capacity of a toaster oven, though not all of them are equally beneficial:

  1. The most effective way to determine the capacity and size is dependent on its cubic foot measurement: A table top gas oven with a 0.6-cubic foot capacity is often large enough to bake a whole chicken.
  2. You can also decide whether the table top oven is adequate for you depending on the slice capacity: Many convection countertop ovens come with 4 to 6 slice capacity. Still, this is often misleading, because one 6-slice oven can bake a whole chicken for family dinner, while another oven of the same capacity cannot handle foods bigger than a 12-inch pizza.
  3. Calculate the appliance’s actual size: Utilize these dimensions provided by the manufacturer to determine if the oven is going to fit in your available counter area.

Pans, Racks and Extras

Similar to a standard oven, toaster ovens come with extra trays, racks, and pans, based on what you would like to bake, toast, or cook.

All counter top electric ovens convection consists of at least one wire rack, while most of the larger models will have two.

The best counter top oven will let you move the racks to cook brown foods perfectly or cook more than one item.

Many of these ovens include at least one baking pan you can utilize to cook foods, which you do not want to place directly on the wire racks.

If you intend to use your table top gas oven for more purposes, you should purchase one with extra roasting, broiling and baking pans.

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3. Kitchen Aid 12-Inch Convection Counter Top Oven

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For its high capacity, superb functionality and sleek modern design, this oven makes meals evenly and fast.

The oven comes with a one-year two stainless-steel racks, a detachable stainless steel crumb tray, and a convenient one-year warranty.

It also features a grill that is perfect for broiling, baking, and warming with a simple to clean stainless-steel broil pan.

Furthermore, it provides you with a full-size oven functionality letting you broil a keep an already cooked dish warm, toast bread, broil a side dish and even bakes pizza.


  • It comes with a good design with contour silver and silver handle.
  • The unit cavity features a nonstick coating, which allows for easy cleanup. You can also use up to temperatures of 450-degrees with Broil and Convection Bake functions.
  • 12-inch capacity, which is big enough to fit our chicken breasts, 4-pound chicken, 12-inch pizzas, six-slices of bread at once and a lot more.
  • Features a 60-minute timer to help remind you when a meal is completely cooked. This will allow the oven to the automatically switch itself off. It serves as a safety feature and decreases the risk of overcooking.


  • Safe to use even for kids
  • Provides good convection cooking capabilities
  • User-friendly controls


  • It often gets hot convection to touch during usage

Multiple Heating Choices

Every oven will have three basic heating options: toasting, baking, and broiling.

These three functions are enough for preparing treats for guests, baking dinner, breakfast toast, or broiling fish/chicken.

But these are not the only choices available in these appliances.

More complex devices will have cookies, roasting, reheating, pizza and defrosting options.

Some of them include brick inserts, which are effective at replicating the genuineness and aroma of brick-oven cooking.

Contrary to conventional ovens, counter-top oven for baking occupy minimal space that is why it is ideal for baking small meals.

If you are intending on purchasing a small table top oven, but do not know the first thing regarding acquiring one, do not worry since lots of counter-top convection oven reviews will assist you to determine which product you need to purchase for your kitchen.

When purchasing any kind of product, it is best to have some considerations and standards you need to be aware of to make sure that you are acquiring your money’s worth.

There are many countertop convection ovens for sale in today, and all vary in price, function, and size.

That is why, before making a purchase, you need to be aware of your individual preferences and also the storage limitations of your kitchen.

In today’s fast-paced world, spending a great deal of time waiting for a meal to cook is not a high priority.

That is where a countertop electric oven can make a big difference in the operation of your kitchen.

A small table top oven can reduce cooking time by up to 25%.

It can make meals at a higher temperature up to 30% compared to a normal radiant oven.

A great counter-top convection oven cannot only cook your meals more thoroughly and faster, but it can also carry out various cooking methods, from simply keeping food warm to roasting.

4. Black+Decker 8-Slice Extra Wide Convection Counter Top Toaster Oven

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This oven comes with a 9 x 13-inch placement for pans when you need to bake.

The wide interior offers space for eight slices of bread and even a 12-inch pizza. It is a very spacious counter-top toaster and oven.

The unit also features three rack positions, which that let you adjust the rack to accommodate your cooking chore. This can be cooking a whole chicken, toasting or broiling.

You will not need to wait around for your big oven to preheat any longer, simply set the right time and temperature and you will be baking in no time with four different functions: keep warm, broil, bake, and toast.

State-of-the-art convection technology makes air to circulate within the oven for quick and even outcome while baking.

Furthermore, it is simple for the external crumb tray to slide in and out, making cleaning easy.


  • Bigger size fits a 12-inch pizza or up to eight slices of toast
  • Detachable crumb tray for effortless cleaning
  • 60-minute timer with stay-on function
  • Three rack placements for better cooking flexibility
  • Dedicated accuracy toast timer
  • Four functions: keep warm, broil, convection and toast.


  • Even heating
  • Interior capacity is spacious
  • simple to clean up
  • Three rack position
  • Dedicated accuracy toast timer
  • Dual timer
  • Four functions.


  • No digital display
  • No non-stick cavity coating
  • Knob control system

Benefits Of A Counter Top Electric Oven

Apart from the even temperature, utilizing a convection oven lets you cook any meal that can be carried out in a standard oven.

Meals from a counter top convection oven will maintain its natural succulence, have a more natural taste and be crispier.

Though the initial price of the best counter top oven might be higher than a conventional toaster oven or table top oven, a convection oven will use up less energy compared to its counterparts.

For cooks who do not wish to surrender their conventional larger wall ovens or ranges, a carefully chosen countertop convection oven is the solution.

5. BLACK+DECKER 6-Slice Convection Toaster Oven

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This model comes with improved convection technology, which circulates hot air to cook fast all your preferred pizzas, frozen snacks, appetizers, and more.

With four cooking functions (keep warm, broil, bake, and toast), and space for a 9-inch space for six slices of bread or a 9-inch pizza, making meals is a breeze.

There are 3 knobs that control the cooking procedure: the middle knob sets the cooking function (keep warm, broil, bake, toast), the top one controls the temperature, and the bottom one works like the timer for broiling and baking, and allows you to choose the preferred color for toasting.

The incorporated broil rack and bake pan ensure it is simple to cook at both the low and high rack positions for additional cooking versatility. Furthermore, the detachable crumb tray allows for simple cleaning.


  • Detachable crumb tray for effortless cleaning
  • You can cook various meals with the included broil rack and bake pan
  • Maximum bake heat range of 450 degrees Fahrenheit is an energy saving alternative to the traditional oven
  • Dual-position rack slots for positioning the rack further from or nearer to the broiler
  • More air circulation to help cook meals evenly thanks to the higher output circulating convection
  • Controls for keep warm are one-touch functions for a range of uses
  • Metallic and stainless-steel accents
  • Know when cooking is done thanks to a 30-minute timer with stay-on function


  • 2 rack positions
  • 30-minute accuracy timer
  • Heating fan


  • Crumbs fall out of the base

What Features Are Best In A Table Top Oven?

If you are thinking of getting a table top oven, there are specifics to think of before determining which oven to purchase.

First of all in the minds of many consumers is energy efficiency.

You should check the energy and heat efficiency ratings of the oven.

The best counter-top oven should operate at a lower wattage rate compared to built-in or wall ovens, and has to generate high maximum temperatures.

Measure the oven’s dimensions. Is it going to fit in the space you have designated on the work space?

Pay particular focus on the features it gives, like rotisserie setting and whether it is going to hold a large or standard sized pizza.

Does it have multiple racks? Can the racks be adjusted?

If the racks are in a fixed position, find out if the cookware you have will fit inside the unit.

Adjustable racks eliminate this issue and provide improved convenience.

  • Cleanup is also much simpler when the racks are detachable.
  • Cleaning the table top oven is a big deal; rather, the simplicity of cleaning it. If it is not simple to clean, you might need to consider trying out another brand.
  • Check to find out if any of the oven’s parts are ideal for the dishwasher. This is an important thing to consider.
  • Check the oven’s style and look. Will it blend nicely with your kitchen’s design?

Obviously, the discerning buyer will closely analyze the price.

A countertop oven for baking is often more expensive than a simple countertop baker or toaster oven toaster.

Different types carry with them different retail prices, so shop around for the best table top oven at the best price.

Using a traditional Dutch oven table for campfire cooking is often an important part of any outdoor camping experience.

Dutch oven cooking is so loved by outdoor campers that you will most likely find more campfire recipes for this oven than any other.

6. Elite Cuisine Countertop XL Toaster Oven 

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This oven is the perfect Multi-function Home Kitchen Appliance.

This unit can keep warm, toast, broil, bake and incorporated with rotisserie function.

It is incorporated with griddle, oven-top nonstick grill, and steamer featuring high-top dome lid to use while you are cooking.

It comes with the capacity to cook food for the whole household and even bakes a 12” pizza.

It has many functions and is designed to make your cooking experience convenient as well as simple.

The unit is also limitless in its use; the “stay on” function will prolong your cooking time as preferred.

The oven comes with rotisserie spit, a sliding out crumb tray, fork assembly, a roasting pan, an oven top dome lid, rotisserie removal tongs and wire grill rack.


  • Features for cooking include rotisserie, toasting, baking, steaming, grilling and broiling
  • Control knob with a 60-minute timer that has a signal bell and automatic shut off
  • 23 liter capacity for cooking large to meals
  • 8 Multi-functions for steamer and griddle with dome lid, plus oven-top grill, rotisserie, toast, bake, broil and keep warm
  • Depth capacity to can bake a frozen pizza
  • Power indicator light
  • Healthy rotisserie cooking for tasty roasts or poultry, while getting rid of unwanted grease and fat
  • A prolonged cooking time thanks to its unique stay on feature
  • Switch function for selecting heat


  • Non-stick grill
  • All in one oven toaster


  • Handle heats easily

Benefits Of Dutch Oven Tables

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Dutch oven tables offer you some conveniences.

Firstly, and very important, you do not need to bend over regularly to stir or check on your Dutch oven if that’s what you are using to cook.

Everything is raised to a comfortable height thanks to the table.

The charcoal table can be utilized as more than simply a Dutch oven cooking table.

You can use its surface to start a small wood fire, instead of a ground fire, for roasting hot dogs or toasting marshmallows.

And you do not need to utilize your charcoal table only for charcoal; it easily manages the weight and heat of your small coal grill or camp stove, and once more, lifts it up to a height that is comfortable to work and not need to fret regarding burning the surface beneath.

When the coals charcoal is ready, simply throw them into the grill, all on your secure working surface.

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Here Is A List Of The Features You Will Need To Check Out When Buying A New Dutch Oven Table


It is a personal preference. You will most likely want a small square of a table, which holds a single pot and just helps protect the surface beneath your oven, chimney charcoal stove from the heat, or chimney charcoal starter.

Or you might want one large enough to hold your Dutch oven and camp stove on it.

You need to buy a large work space 32 inches or 38 inches.


If you are planning on bringing your Dutch oven cooking table to the campsites, it needs to be simple to store and carry with you.

The legs need to be screwed and unscrewed for easier removal.

The best models have legs, which fold down flat.

You can also get carrying cases created to fit these items, so you do not get your car all filthy with soot and ash.


Charcoal tables are available in different sizes.

You will find small tables that fit only one Dutch oven, which just raise the table a few inches or the pot off the ground.

This may work great to suit your needs.


This is essential as far as a safety factor is involved.

You definitely do not want a thin piece of tin, which will collapse under your dinner’s weight.

Search for a sturdy steel Dutch oven cooking table, which can manage some weight on it, which is assembled correctly and will not shake.


Although it is not a requirement, it is a great convenience, and most models come with an in-built windscreen to protect the flames or coals blown by the wind while you are cooking food.

These important tools for cooking with a Dutch oven cooking table will make the task safer and less complicated.

Safety Items

Thick Leather Gloves – Dealing with a heavy stew-loaded cast iron Dutch oven is not like using a frying pan or soup pot handle for at home.

To start with, you will most likely be cooking over a campfire, so you will be handling hot coals and open flames, along with the heavy cast iron weight.

Lid LifterThis is another tool that’s as essential for safety as it is for convenience.

There are numerous types; however, a standard lid lifter is an iron rod, which has a hook on the end that fits into the loop handle on the lid.

This lets you to safely lift the lid without the need of your hands to get too close to the hot contents or flames of the pot.

Some Added Features Of The Iron Hook Lid Lifter May Include

-A formed loop on the end, (with or without a strap), utilized to hang-up the lifter when not in usage,

-A coiled-wire handle to grip the lifter and a welded cross piece just above the hook that can help control the swaying of the lid when you lift it up,

-A 3-prong stool-leg kind arrangement that rests against the top of the lid to ensure that it stays level.

Convenience Tools

Long-Handled Tongs – You will be utilizing your Dutch oven table for more than simply stews, and that often implies placing or turning items in the deep-sided pot.

The long handles on the tongs will let you accomplish this without the need to put your hands too near to the hot sides of the oven pot or the open fire.

Preferably, rigid plastic or Teflon-coated tongs are best.

You often wish to use as few metal utensils as you can when you cook with a piece of seasoned cast iron cookware.

A spatula or metal spoon can scrap the oil coating from the unit, needing it to be re-seasoned.

Whisk Broom – This Dutch oven table cooking accessory is so affordable and so beneficial, you will be kicking yourself, questioning why you did not consider it first.

It works nicely for brushing ashes off the lid, so they do not turn into an added ingredient in your campfire recipe, for brushing ashes from the oven pot before setting it on the table.

Ensure you get one with broom-straw bristles, not synthetic or plastic ones.

Lid Stand – It is often a wire-made stand, 8 inches to 10 inches across, with 3 to 4 curled legs.

A lid stand provides you with an area to securely sit a hot cast iron lid, without the use of a piece of firewood or table top (where it may slide off).

This is not a needed accessory; however, as soon as you use one you will know it is just a luxury either.

Tips For Cooking With Counter Top Convection Oven

If you are using a table top oven to prepare traditional recipes, ones created for a standard thermal oven, you will have to decrease the oven temperature by 25 degrees or decrease the cooking time by 25% to prevent overcooking your food.

Keep in mind that you should use shallow baking pans.

Big pans with high edges block circulation of air and prevent food from cooking uniformly.

If you are cooking meat, remember that it will brown quicker in a convection oven, which might make it harder to figure out when the food has cooked right through, so you need to have a meat thermometer handy to help you periodically examine the internal temperature of your food to see when it is done.

If you are using parchment paper on your cooking trays and pans, use pie weights to secure the corners to prevent the fan from blowing the paper up over your meal.

Counter top convection oven have a lot of fans and followers, but these kinds of ovens can be challenging to get accustomed to, particularly for newbie cooks.

Also, not all recipes benefit from forced convection.

Recipes that need you to cover your food will not cook any faster in a counter top convection oven than they are going to in a conventional oven.

Air circulation might also damage rising foods such as angel food cake, cupcakes, souffle, or muffins.

For such foods, you will need to switch off the fan and cook them traditionally.