Microwave Oven

Best Microwave Oven You Need To Buy

A microwave oven is an ideal kitchen essential.

Get the best one, and you can cook food as well as defrost and reheat food very quickly.


Currently, there is a wide range of microwave ovens available being sold for a range of prices. Some are popular for their wide range of functions.

Choosing the best microwave oven to suit your needs can be a relatively easy process if you simply consider your culinary goals and think about the full range of choices available to you.

What to Consider When Buying A Microwave Oven

  1. Pay Attention to the Wattage

Food cooks faster by high wattage, and many meals specify that the microwave oven should generate at least 800 watts to make sure that the food is baked or cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Microwaves can have varied wattage, which range from 600 to 1200 watts, so examine to make sure.

  1. Additional Features

Specific microwaves have features, which can help you to make sure food is cooked to perfection each time.

Built in/programmable menu settings ensure it is simple to choose the right option for different foods, like percentage power and cooking time.

A humidity sensor can even detect the levels of moisture and regulate power and cooking time accordingly.

Defrost settings are also very beneficial to thaw out food fast without drying it out.

  1. Capacity and Size

With features that let you cook entire dishes while traveling, you require the best microwave oven with sufficient capacity to cook for the whole family.

Do not just consider the size of the microwave oven; assess the usable room inside it.

Microwave ovens with two shelves are very practical, letting you use space efficiently.

  1. Unlimited Cooking Potential

A microwave oven with convection features and extra grill can reduce the hassle of cooking considerably.

A convection model comes with a convection heat cycle through fans that circulate hot air inside the unit.

This implies that these kinds of microwaves are great for roasting and baking, with an assured moist and attractive outcome.

An excellent feature is a grill function that uses a heating element to crisp and brown food at the press of a button.

Forget about mushy reheated food, and it is appetizingly easy to put dinner on the grill.


Key decision during the best microwave oven choice is which unit type to purchase.

There are three kinds of microwave ovens you can get in the market.

  • Convection Microwave Oven

These use a heating element and a fan to produce airflow patterns inside the unit. Great for baking and grilling.

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  • Grill Microwave Oven

These are supplied with additional grilling accessories.

They are perfect for grilling veggies or meat.

  • Solo Microwave Oven

These are entry-level types in microwave oven category for easy cooking.

Perfect fit: Easy cooking, reheat.

Select Which Features You Would Like To Have In The Best Microwave Oven

Below are a few popular phrases, words that are utilized in microwave description while buying online.

  1. Turntables

Love to have your food rotate while cooking? Select a model with a turntable.

Some units also come with a button to turn the turntable off if you want to keep something in place.

  1. Auto Cook

Should you want to simplify the cooking, this choice will suffice.

Low-end or inexpensive microwave ovens will not come with this feature.

You do not have to set power configuration, and time, all you should do is to specify the type of dish, that is it.

  1. Defrost

It is a microwave function specialized in heating the frozen meals.

This is the right feature if you want to heat food you kept in the freezer the previous day.

  1. Child Lock

If you have kids in your house, they might unintentionally put their hand in the microwave oven, so these features give a child lock facility.

Usually, this feature is facilitated with the aid of code, which functions as a password to unlock.

The interiors of the best convection microwave oven become sizzling hot when you bake, and this feature is must in that case.

  1. Preheat

Before you begin preparing food and follow the recipes, the unit has to reach a specific temperature, so you should turn on the best microwave oven and wait for a while until it is hot or got to the needed temperature.

The above procedure is known as preheating. Search for the preheating time needed for the microwave oven in the specs before making a purchase.

  1. Microwave Oven Accessories

You can get various microwave accessories in online stores, which include vessels, utensils, microwave oven gloves, bowls, safe microwave cookware (see best cookware here), microwave stand to mount on to the wall in the event you do not have ample space on kitchen dashboard.

The best microwave oven cover is also beneficial to cover if the unit is rarely used.

  1. Auto Cook Menu

This feature makes cooking with microwave oven easy.

When you cook in a microwave oven, you should specify few settings such as cooking duration and power wattage, which can be hard for newbies.

However, with this auto cook menu feature all you have to do is just to specify the type of meal you want to cook, based on the food weight, microwave oven will auto adjust the time and power wattage.

For instance, to make popcorn all you have to do is to push popcorn button and that is it.

  1. Power Consumption

Aside from that, a power setting will ensure that the food is cooked faster and efficiently.

If you like cooking food in bulk or heavy food items for a large family, think about a more powerful microwave oven.

In case you prepare food only for one or two people, then you should get a less powerful model.

  1. Rotisserie

This is a special grilling accessory.

It is a steel base bar that operates on motor system to make sure great grilling.

Grilling of mutton and chicken can easily be performed by rotisserie bar.

Once more, there are two versions in rotisserie – vertical rotisserie bar and horizontal rotisserie bar.

You can get better heat distribution with relatively horizontal rotisserie.

  1. Types of Panel

There are three kinds of control panels, Feather Touch, Tact Dial Type, and Mechanical.

Tact Dial is often is available in low-end types and can take on rough use.

Feather Touch panels add to the design of the microwave oven. It is able to sense your fingers, similar to a touch-screen smartphone.

Feather Touch often comes in a top of the range models.

  1. Timer

Lets you configure the duration of cooking.

You can specify the length of time the unit to run from thirty seconds to ten minutes.

Based on the panel type with either LCD touch or with a knob you can specify the cooking duration.

  1. Detachable Racks

Some microwaves models feature two levels, to help you choose to cook on the bottom rack or the top.

  1. Farber-Ware Classic Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

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This is considered one of the most reliable microwave ovens since it is perfectly created.

This awesome oven comes with ten cooking power levels to help you regulate the cooking power from ten percent to 100 percent to suit several needs.

It features one to six to minute’s controls along with a thirty seconds control for reliable and fast cooking.

This unit is perfect for those who require fast and reliable cooking.

It features six fast one-function buttons for different cooking styles.

You can choose the correct setting for frozen vegetables, pizza or popcorn to save time.

Your unit will memorize your past options thanks to the memory function, which will assist you to get your preferred settings.

You get to select the right way to defrost your food depending on time or weight giving you the best cooking results.

This amazing oven has a LED display and a digital control, along with a kitchen timer and clock.

It comes with an internal cooking capacity of 1.1 cubic foot. It also has a rotating glass turntable, which will let you cook your meals the way you enjoy it.

  • Ten power levels offer accuracy control of cooking any food
  • LCD and digital controls with clock display
  • Has six preset cooking functions for beverage, frozen veggies, potato, dinner plate, pizza, and popcorn
  • Control lockout for child safety
  • Has a 12-inch glass turntable for even, thorough heating
  • Countertop design for simple access
  • Memory function allows you to store your favored settings for cooking future dishes
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 1000 watts of power
  • The finish on this unit features a modern look, which blends into any kitchen décor with subtle style


  • Large internal cooking space.
  • One to six minutes controls for the best cooking experience.
  • Digital LED display and digital control.
  • Six one-function buttons.
  • Ten cooking settings for all your needs.


This oven is quite loud.

  1. Panasonic CounterTop/Built-In Microwave Stainless

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With this amazing oven, you will enjoy faster cooking times thanks to its high power of 1250 watts.

The inverter technology provides a great cooking power stream.

The improved inverter turbo defrost accelerates the defrosting time.

The automatic sensor regulates power and time for different dishes.

The 18 preset menu items help you easily cook your meals.


  • 2.2 cubic foot capacity with 1250 Watts of High Power
  • Chrome 9 menu buttons and chrome dial for ease of use
  • Push-button door release
  • Ten Power Levels
  • Push-button
  • 16.5 inch turntable, 18 Preset Auto Cook Menu Items; Popcorn Key; More/Less Control; Delay Start and Timer, Quick Minute
  • Patented Inverter, a seamless stream of cooking power, is offered, thanks to the Patented Inverter Technology even at low settings for accurate cooking that preserves that texture and flavor of your preferred dishes.


  • Automatic Power Sensor
  • Inverter Technology
  • Faster Cooking Times
  • Faster Defrost


  • Dial Control
  • Larger Bigger Size
  1. Sharp Over-the-Range Convection Microwave Stainless Steel

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If you are searching for something that will not occupy any counter space, then you will be in luck with this model.

It comes with its flaws; however, you will be able to ignore them after you have this sleek, stainless steel unit fitted in your kitchen.

It has a built-in exhaust system. This means you can easily connect it to get the air utilized to cook out of the kitchen.

  • It features smart sensor settings for automatically determining heating and cooking times.
  • It features inbuilt exhaust system with powerful hood light and powerful fan.
  • The high and low racks are also incorporated for comfortable cooking.
  • It features an interactive display with two shades.
  • It features sensor cooking and child lock technologies.


  • Sturdy
  • Simple to install for an over-the-range
  • Consistently great results.
  • Auto reheat
  • Quite user-friendly
  • Cooks well
  • Over-the-range model to save counter space


  • It takes a long time for Turntable and Magnetron to begin.
  • Limited presets
  • Heavy
  • Rather costly for the power
  • Quite hard to clean.
  • It takes lots of energy for preheating.
  • The product vibrates a lot and is very noisy.
  • The interior capacity is fairly small.
  • Non-smooth interior.
  1. Panasonic Countertop Microwave with Inverter Technology

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Contrary to traditional microwaves that pulse-on, pulse-off cooking at lower temperatures; it features patented Inverter Technology, which produces a steady flow of power at all temperature settings.

The outcome is consistent, evenly cooked food, edges to the center, across a broader selection of cooking methods.

This energy lets delicate meals to simmer without overcooking, so meals have the taste and look you anticipate, without the wait.

Most essential, everybody enjoys scrumptious food that is faster and simpler to cook, and better retains its nutrients, texture, and color.


  • Make cooking easier with 9 preset menu items
  • Advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost accelerates defrosting time
  • Microwave Inverter technology offers a seamless stream of cooking power
  • Automatic sensor regulates times and power for different foods
  • Enjoy quicker cooking times with 1250 watts high power


  • Keep warm function
  • Features are high-quality
  • Great good if you like cooking or hosting many dinner parties
  • Size ideal for large microwave
  • Nice control panel
  • Cooks nicely and very user-friendly
  • Automatic sensor
  • High power with many settings
  • Inverter Technology
  • Big tray
  • The directions are very simple to read and understand


  • Door is not very sturdy
  • Features a learning curve

  1. Toshiba Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor Easy Clean Interior 

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Do you use your appliance to cook or defrost your food? If so, you are aware that simply using the timer is not always correct.

The reason being it needs a time of trial and error for you to determine the length of time each food takes to cook.

Well, luckily, this microwave makes things simple.

It comes with a pre-programmed menu, which lets you prepare your preferred veggies or defrost specific meat just with the press of a button.

It also comes with specific buttons for frozen pizza and popcorn.

You need to be able to deal with most kinds of foods easily, even if you are planning to cook them right through.

This unit provides up 1100 watts of power and features 10 power settings from which you can select.

The microwave oven features a large keypad, which makes it simple to type in your favored program without making any errors.

Of course, because of the design of the keypad, it might take you some time to get accustomed to determining the programs and the combinations.


  • This is a very durable model since it is created from stainless steel, making sure that it will last you a long time.
  • Glass turntable, simple-to-read control panel, large digital display, interior LED light
  • 1100 watts with ten kitchen timer, clock, and power settings
  • Turntable Diameter: 12.4 inches
  • Two defrost settings – custom or one-pound auto defrost and one-touch start popcorn.
  • Pre-programmed sensor menu for optimum heating of preferred foods such as vegetables, potatoes, pizza and more


  • Durable
  • Pre-programmed cooking choices
  • Large keypad
  • High power with ten settings


  • Needs a little bit of getting accustomed to


Time spent in the kitchen is definitely not wasted and simply because you lead, a fast-paced lifestyle does not imply that you need to forget all about warm and scrumptious home-cooked meals.

The best microwave oven is certainly going to improve your cooking experience. It will let you cook a range of hassle-free meals in quickly.

Ensure that you are purchasing the product, which will deal with your specific requirements and will suit your cooking criteria. If you select wisely, your kids and even grandkids will be able to use it too.

A Guide to Microwave Oven Reviews

While making plans to purchase your own microwave oven, it is always better to depend on microwave oven reviews based on an analysis of its functionality rather than falling victim to any marketing gimmick.

Some online resources can sensibly be utilized for finding some of the most helpful reviews for the best products out there.

There are two kinds of ovens based on functionality. One of them is a convection oven, and the other is a microwave oven.

They come with separate, well-defined technical and functionality features.

  1. Filtering the Reviews:

When you begin searching for microwave oven reviews, you will get different types of opinions about the very same product.

The question is how to make a decision on the reliability of a certain review.

First, you should be careful about particular reviews floated simply to project a good market image of a product.

It is precisely why opting for reviews of different people might not be a very smart option, unless they are professionals in the field.

In most cases, it can be worthwhile to visit committed websites that gather and provide you with multiple microwave oven reviews from users, cooking professionals, and the like.

This can be a much better choice for finding objective reviews of the models you are searching.

Any negative reviews would be rated lower, and great reviews would mainly stand out and would be upheld by users too.

  1. Determine your Needs:

It is important to know what you need based on your cooking methods.

Budget is also an essential consideration, and you should figure out the amount of money you can actually spend on that best microwave oven of your liking.

Combine this with considerations of features and size and in a variety of products that will help you zero in on your selection of the product more easily.

Size is one of the primary considerations while purchasing the best microwave oven.

You can choose the perfect size of the unit bearing in mind your specific set of needs.

If you have relatively small space for the microwave oven, you can go for a small countertop oven.

Features such as convection cooking, melt mode, and turntable plate can also impact your choice.

Several online resources can be utilized for finding all the features and specs of microwave ovens together with an objective review that can allow you to make the correct choice of product.

Microwave oven reviews can make it simple for you to get a microwave most suitable for your needs.

Having bought a microwave, it is important that you adhere to the standard microwave oven safety guidelines and its life.

Things You Should Know About the Best Built In Microwave

Built in microwave ovens are growing its popularity every day.

Previously, its widespread use was for reheating meals only but these days its attaining popularity for cooking delicious meals within minutes.

Nowadays, it has become the world’s most essential kitchen appliance.

Aside from the feature of normal cooking and reheating of microwave ovens functions like baking and grilling are also available.

Thus cooking savoring meals such as pizzas, cakes, and grilled fish is a simple task.

Built in oven and microwave operate on high-frequency radio waves.

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The waves vibrate the water as well as other liquid molecules of meals at an extremely high speed producing lots of heat after which this produced heat is used to reheat, grill, cook and bake food.

A built in microwave oven is made only to be built into a wall or surrounded by cabinetry.

Microwave drawers, for instance, can be set under the kitchen counter, removing them from view lines, and slide out for easy access, or can be set up below a wall oven.

The look is integrated and sleek. Some of the best counter top microwaves can be built in with a kit.

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These built in microwave ovens are best known for healthy and hygienic cooking.

Cooking is full of fun and easy. The best built in microwave oven features all the futuristic features and designs that it makes work simple for you.

It is one appliance with three functions in it, i.e., grill, toaster, and oven.

Multiple features and stylish designs make it a necessity of every kitchen.

So, find the built in models that perfectly complement your cooking skills and your kitchen.

The brush steel body with function and durability of convection, bright lights, electronic ignition system, soft knobs, and built-in rotisserie cooks along with grilling food to perfection.

Aspiring micro-chefs can make lots of food in a built in combination microwave.

The best combination microwave oven can cook as well as a conventional unit, but far more speedily.

How Do Combination Microwaves Work?

A built in combination microwave provides more cooking flexibility compared to a basic solo microwave.

The reason being, combination models, as the name suggests, combine convection heating (fanned hot air), a grill and microwave energy to enable them to heat, brown, crisp and roast similarly to as a large conventional oven.

If you are considering to stretch the limitations of microwave cooking, and wish to do more than simply defrosting and heating soup, a built in combination microwave would be the best option.

You can bake cakes in a combination, and you can cook using the heat sources together or independently.

Pre-set programs can help a lot when cooking particular food in a built in combination microwave, since they automatically cook meals for the right time and using the right combination of grill, convection, and microwave, without you the need to set this yourself.

For guidelines on preparing different items, you should check with your microwave instruction handbook.

Accessories, like browning shelves and rice and vegetable steamers, will help you get the correct finish, and make delicious and healthy food.

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Pros and Cons of a built in Combination Microwave


  • Often have many extra auto features and functions
  • Can cook just like a standard conventional oven, but faster
  • Provide extra cooking choices more than basic microwaving


  • A more basic microwave might suffice if you just want to defrost and heat meals
  • More costly compared to other kinds of microwaves

Choosing the 24-Inch Built In Microwave

If you have the space for a 24-inch unit, make the most and install a 24-inch built-in microwave.

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These models can be utilized for a lot more than reheating leftovers.

You can use the many settings to cook food, which is pre-programmed based on cook time for popularly made meals.

Keep meals warm without over-drying or overcooking using settings for warming food, and serve your loved ones a warm dinner even if you cooked it hours ago.

If you are short of time, you can safely defrost food, and use specialty settings to pop mouth-watering bags of popcorn, making your 24-inch built in microwave far more beneficial to your kitchen than you may have thought.

A cheap built in microwave with lots of great features will fulfill most of your cooking requirements.

Check out online for models and brands available. You will discover countless websites that allow you to compare prices, models, brands, and features of countless consumer products, which include microwaves.

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Take your time looking for a new unit.

Put together a list of likely microwaves that suit your needs.

Read reviews by people who have purchased the models or brands of microwave you are thinking of purchasing.

Zero in on 2 to 3 microwaves models and do more comparison-shopping on those.

Once you have chosen the cheap microwave oven for you, ensure you purchase it from a reliable business.

When you are designing a kitchen, you also need to consider the appliances you will equip it with since these will contribute to your kitchen’s functionality and comfort.

Do not set your mind on getting the best counter top microwaves, particularly if you have a compact kitchen.

The best way to save some space is to purchase an over the oven microwave.


The greatest benefit of the best over the range microwaves is that they help you save space, which is important in compact kitchens where you can barely fit all the appliances you require.

Rather than tucking everything on the counter-top, it is simpler to save space by installing the unit at a height, which lets you use it.

Many kitchens need a range hood, which will evacuate the steam, smoke, and food odor to keep the air clean and fresh.

Because of the integrated fans, the microwave oven over the range also functions as a range hood, which means you will have two items in one, so the increasing the functionality.

Limits of Over the Range Microwaves

  • Portability – As soon as they are installed, these units are like a permanent fixture and are harder to remove.
  • Installation required – Over the oven microwaves need expert installation, so you cannot just bring one home and anticipate to use your microwave oven immediately.
  • Height – Since they are installed above the stovetop, shorter individuals may find it hard to use an over the range microwave and may have to use a stool.

You will only notice it when you want to use. This totally integrated microwave oven will fit nicely into your kitchen, which makes it look like it was customized for your space.

What to Consider in the Best Convection Microwave Oven

The best convection microwave oven will provide you with both options at a high rate. This guarantees you will be able to take care of everything easily.

You will want to consider all of the following when you are seeking to choose a microwave convection oven for personal use.

  1. Turntable Toggle

These ensure even microwave saturation during the process of cooking. For people who love to prepare larger meals, a toggle might be essential.

Many of these are easy enough: push a button, the plate does not turn. This lets you prepare larger meals without putting at risk the small motor that powers the turntable.

  1. Cooking Sensors

This measure the appliance’s interior humidity. This will let you prevent overcooking most of the more sensitive meals that may find their way into the unit.

Cooking sensors are one of the first things to consider in microwaves because they can make a big difference in how meals emerge with less input from you.

  1. “Fast Cook” Features

This will allow you to press one button and get a thirty-second or one-minute microwave session going.

While they are not really needed, they definitely can be convenient for simply heating something up quickly.

  1. Noise Generation

Older microwaves are often a bit noisy, the hum of the magnetron ranges from calming to totally annoying based on the individual in question.

  1. Capacity

The capacity of the new microwave convection oven is more essential than it appears at first glimpse.

To take advantage of the convection feature, you will likely be cooking larger meals than you normally microwave.

Therefore, it is important to get something a bit larger than normal to get the best outcome.

On the contrary, you will also want to ensure that the entire thing fits where you set it.

It is smart to determine a few meals you will want to try preparing before you even get started and measure them to ensure that you will be able to enjoy things.

  1. Easy Repair

Odds are you will not be working on the best convection microwave oven at home.

However, you do want to ensure that you will be able to get it fixed somewhere close by if it occurs.

Looking at the manufacturer’s details to find out if there is somebody able to put it repair it near you is essential if you do not want to find yourself having to purchase a new one over what ought to be a slight repair.

  1. Durability

Microwaves are often tough. They should be in order to be safe to utilize, because of the magnetron functions by emitting radiation in an encapsulated space.

What is Over the Range Microwave?

A microwave oven over the range is the kind of microwave that is secured beneath a bank of upper cabinets or above an oven.

It can also be installed inside a cabinet, or positioned on a shelf above a range.

The main benefit of this unit is that it takes the microwave oven up and off the counter-top, saving valuable counter top space to be able to use that space for something else like preparing food.

Combining a range hood and a microwave, this kind of microwave is a good option for maximizing function and saving space.

These appliances often integrate ventilation in the oven’s structure itself.

The built-in fans will differ from 170 to a power-boosting 400 CFM fan velocity to vent away all the warmness, odor, and fumes all over the air in your kitchen.

While this type of microwave definitely provides several benefits, choosing the perfect one may be quite harder than you would expect.

There is an array of models to select from and several aspects to think about before selecting one, which can make getting the best microwave oven to suit your needs difficult.

Choosing the Best over the Range Microwaves

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Where Will You Place Your Unit?

For sure, an over the range microwave is meant to be installed over the range; however, you do not necessarily need to put it there.

You can also place it under cabinets that are not situated above a stove or put it in a cabinet. Ensure you know where you will position the microwave oven before selecting one.

Internal Size

Once you know the external size, which fit well above the range in the kitchen, you also have to figure out the quantity of food that you intend on cooking.

The interior size can vary from 1.1 cubic feet up to over two cubic feet. When determining the capacity of the unit you are purchasing, you would preferably want something that features a large capacity.

Such large units work best for people who want to use the appliance for bigger cooking projects or cook for a large family.

The Appearance

While the appearance of the unit will not affect its performance, it will affect the appearance of your kitchen.

Because this is a product that will feature prominently in the design of your kitchen, you will need something that works with your kitchen’s look.

As you have possibly observed by now, businesses are attempting to provide models with different designs. Choose one that fits your kitchen and your taste.

External Size

Size might not be the primary factor; however, it can be a deal breaker.

With regards to over the range spaces, you often do not have much of an option, so, ensure that you take measurements of the space designated for the unit before you begin shopping, so as to have a good fit.


These save you the trouble of guessing the cooking temperature and the time since they automatically regulate the cooking timer and the temperature depending on the humidity generated by the food in the microwave oven.


Another thing to consider is based on how powerful you want the unit to be and for what reasons you will use it.

Do you intend on warming up leftovers occasionally or do you want to use it to pop a bag of popcorn or bake and cook entire meals in it?

The kind of cooking you intend on doing will affect your choice in choosing the right model, which gives you the power that you require in this microwave.

For example, if you want to use your unit for frequent cooking prep, you should select a model with higher power wattage of than one that you simply use for warming up snacks or leftovers. Preferably, your microwave needs to have the wattage of at least 1000.

What are the Benefits of the Best Counter-Top Microwaves?

These products are all about convenience. If you do not feel like cooking, prepare a microwaveable meal that is ready to eat in just minutes or use a microwave-safe dish to reheat last night’s leftovers.

A microwave is ideal for defrosting; you no longer need to leave meat in the fridge or on the counter top for a long time when you are in a hurry.

Most units also have good style, so they enhance your kitchen’s decor.

Microwaves are good for households, are a college dorm room staple and are easy to be used by kids (when closely watched).

The best counter top microwaves need no installation, as soon as it is removed from the box, just plug it into an electrical outlet, and it is ready for use right away.

If you are searching for microwave oven sale, there are specific things that you should consider.

While the appearance is a major part of the microwave, this is just one of the numerous essential features of the appliance.

If you want to ensure that you have the best microwave oven for you, there are some things that you need to think about and look for.

The first thing that you should search for is the microwave’s strength. There will be microwaves that are just too weak for your cooking needs, and there will be ones that are too powerful.

People who sell microwaves will be the best to inquire about the strength that you require.

As soon as you know which strength, you should know what features that you require in your unit.

While some individuals just need simple features, others might want a specific number controls or specific rotating platform.

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If you know the extras that a microwave oven can come with, you will know just what you need, and can determine which microwaves come with those extras.

Once you have determined all of this information out, you just have to look at micro oven price to determine just what you can pay for.

For most, this is what will eventually determine their microwave purchase decision.

If you are searching for the best microwave oven, you need to look in two different areas. The stores will let you see the unit, know how it looks, and enable you to determine just what you want.

Searching for the same microwave online will let you compare prices for the same models. Looking in different places can help you get the exact unit you want for the lowest possible micro oven price.

The last step to microwave ovens, which usually is determined before the unit is selected, is the appearance of the microwave. Some will want stainless steel microwave, while others will want white, and others will want a black one. All of these shades make for fascinating microwave ovens, which fit in with the other kitchen appliances, like the oven and the dishwasher.

Microwave Oven Maintenance Tips

  1. Running Empty

Do not operate a microwave oven without liquid or food inside it. Microwave ovens use super high-frequency microwave sound energy to heat the liquid or food in the oven.

If there is no liquid or food in the unit to soak up the microwave energy, the energy may feed back to the unit itself, which can irreversibly damage the magnetron and other interior components.

  1. Cleaning

Clean the interior of your unit regularly. Splatters and food particles absorb some of the microwave oven energy while it’s running and might cause burns and other damage to the unit. You can use an all-purpose cleaner or a microwave oven cleaner to clean the microwave’s interior.

  1. Door

The door of your microwave oven keeps the unit energy inside where it belongs. Have the microwave checked by a professional appliance repair technician if the door is damaged or if the door seal does not appear to fit properly.

  1. Replace Common Parts

You can fix most popular issues with microwave ovens with touch-up paint and by replacing charcoal filters, light bulbs, turntables and more.

  1. Avoid Surge Damage

Plug the appliance into a surge suppressor to guard its circuitry against damage during surges or voltage spikes due to lightning and other power fluctuations.

  1. Use a Kettle to Heat Water

Using a microwave oven to heat water is not recommended because of the risk of a condition referred to as “superheating.”

This condition can result in water to be a lot hotter than boiling but not look like boiling. The moment the glass or cup is touched the water can unexpectedly and violently explode, leading to burns to anybody close by. It is better to use a stovetop kettle to heat water.

  1. Use Dish-Ware that is Microwave-Safe

Only put into a microwave oven dishware, which is stamped as microwave-safe.

Most glass products are not microwave safe. You should not put in dishware with silver or gold plating or metal parts.

Do not put in aluminum foil, even in minimal amounts. If the dishware you are using to heat the food becomes very hot, or hotter than the food you are trying to heat up, it is absorbing the microwave ovens energy and is not microwave safe.