What Is The Best Way To Organize A Refrigerator?


What Is The Best Way To Organize A Refrigerator?

Besides the standard cleaning procedure, it is essential to keep your fridge neat at all times.

Sure, it may be hard to do so, but come to think about it, when your fridge is well kept, you have an easier time accessing all foodstuffs, especially when cooking, not to mention, when everything is in order, you do not have to worry about the common spillovers.

Occasionally, refrigerators can become a storage place for rotten and expired food products. So, it is essential to evaluate everything in your refrigerator at least once a week. Otherwise, you would have unpleasant odors coming from your fridge.

We discuss some of the tips that can help you keep your refrigerator organized in this article.

What Should I Do Before Organizing My Refrigerator?

Before you start organizing your refrigerator:

  1. Empty it first.
  2. As you do this, remember to wipe and disinfect everything.
  3. Wipe all the interior surfaces of the fridge. You can do this using Clorox wipes.

This way, your fridge remains disinfected. As a result, you minimize the chances of food contamination.

Additionally, if you notice bacteria like mold, ensure you get rid of these. Note that since your foodstuffs will be out of the fridge, you should place them in a container full of ice.

In turn, this prevents decay. Consider removing all the shelves and drawers so that you can clean and rinse them.

Afterward, you can start organizing your fridge. But ensure the fridge is completely dry before placing anything in it.

How Should I Arrange My Top Shelves?

On the top shelves of your refrigerator, it would be best to store ready-made foods and drinks. Some of them include beverages and food leftovers.

Do not keep uncooked liver or meat in these sections. Remember, they have strong smells and can leak juices.

So, you really would not want them to interfere with the taste of other foods in the refrigerator. The majority of foods on your upper shelf do not have high durability.

It will help if you put a visible tag on them, indicating both the manufacture and expiry date. Consequently, you will always keep track of these foodstuffs and consume them before their due date.

Moreover, this helps in keeping your fridge organized.

Use Refrigerator Baskets to Save Space

Always consider purchasing refrigerator baskets. They help you organize your refrigerator.

Place dairy products on one food basket and snacks in another food basket. It all depends on what you have in your fridge.

Besides, these baskets can store small items that are always hard to find.

How Should I Organize My Lower Shelf?

After you finish organizing your top shelf, you can now work on the bottom shelves and drawers. Here, you can place raw meat or other food products with strong smells.

This way, they will not interfere with other foodstuffs. At times, you will notice that not all your ready to eat foods fit on your top shelve. In this case, store them above the meat on the lower shelf.

But make sure you observe the below tips:

Put Similar Items Together

When organizing your refrigerator, it is best to ensure that that you store everything in its rightful and most suitable place.

So never mix meat products with dairy products. Instead, store similar items together. Let snacks stay in one section, groceries in one area, etc.

Likewise, beverages should stay in one place. This way, accessing everything in your fridge becomes relatively easy.

Besides, this prevents foods from absorbing different flavors.

Consider Using Drawer Dividers

Separate your drawers using dividers.

This helps every type of foodstuff have their section. As a result, your fridge will look neat, and it would be easy to access all ingredients while cooking.

Fortunately, you can make fair use of the dividers in your wardrobe. They must have to be flexible enough to complement your refrigerator drawers.

Use a Newspaper or Paper Towel to Line Your Shelves and Crispers 

It would be best if you line the crisper and all drawer surfaces with paper. You can use newspapers or paper towels for this.

Doing this absorbs the moisture from fresh vegetables. Thus, it prevents any stains in the interior surfaces of the fridge. It also helps you always keep a clean fridge.

Replace the layer of paper every ten to 14 days. It all depends on what is in your fridge.

Put a Label on Every Item

On your refrigerator doors, put products with a longer lifespan. This section of the fridge is relatively warmer than the other areas since the door gets opened frequently.

So, store items like ketchup and soy sauce. Distinguish each item using a tag. This gives you an easy time reaching out for these products, especially when you are in a hurry.

Make Fair Use of Egg Cartons

When storing eggs, ensure you use a carton. The egg carton keeps everything organized and prevents the eggs from falling.

You can also use the egg carton for storing bottles of mayonnaise and sauce. Consequently, you will prevent them from spilling over the fridge.

Note that it is advisable to keep the bottles in an upside-down position.

Put a Kid’s Section in the Refrigerator

If you have children, consider creating an accessible space where you store their drinks and snacks. Label everything clearly so that your children can pick anything they want quickly.


Indisputably, you have to keep your fridge clean and organized.

It may not be enjoyable to do so, but it gives you an easy time when cooking. Besides, you can always grab a quick midnight snack quickly when your fridge is in order.

Not to mention, keeping your fridge organized improves the aesthetics of your fridge. When your refrigerator is in good shape, you will not have to worry about expired foods.

Organizing your refrigerator also gives you an easy time when deep cleaning your fridge. So, it is crucial to organize your refrigerator regularly and intentionally.