What Is The Best Place To Put A Refrigerator?

You recently bought a new refrigerator. So, what next?

The first thing to do when this popular equipment gets delivered to your home is to determine the best place to put it.

Unlike other appliances like a microwave, a refrigerator needs a large kitchen space. If you have limited kitchen space, it can be challenging to find the most appropriate place to put the fridge.


But ensure that the refrigerator is easily accessible. Remember, this is where you get most of your ingredients while cooking.

Besides, you have to consider a wide range of factors before coming up with the ideal storage space for your refrigerator.

Place It near The Kitchen Area

Ensure that your refrigerator is near the kitchen area. This way, you can have an easy time when preparing meals.

Your children will also find it easy to grab a snack during the day. Also, the refrigerator should be near the dining area.

In case you want a cold drink during mealtime, you would have an easy time grabbing one.

Enhance the Kitchen’s Aesthetics

Ensure that where you keep your refrigerator boosts your kitchen decor. So, do not let it color clash with other kitchen appliances.

The storage place of the refrigerator should maintain a modern and stylish design in your kitchen.

Save Space and Put It in the Cabinet

If you have limited space, consider using an empty closet in the kitchen. Even though it might seem odd, you will end up saving a lot of kitchen space.

Just make sure that the cabinet is accessible. This way, you prevent clutter in your kitchen, and it appears clean and organized.

Save Space in a Studio

Today, there is an increase in the number of studio apartments. If you live in one, we are aware of the limited space in these rooms.

But you do not have to forego a refrigerator just because you do not have space for your refrigerator.

You can place it in the kitchen cabinet beneath the sink. Alternatively, consider putting it in an empty kitchen wardrobe.

If your studio apartment has a kitchen counter, you can place the refrigerator here.

Behind Or Next To the Door

When buying a refrigerator, consider your needs first. It would be best if you purchase the family refrigerator model.

These types of refrigerators have more than one door. Thus, when you open them, they do not take up too much space.

Besides, they have a contemporary and elegant design that enhances your kitchen’s aesthetics. Such a fridge model can get stored behind a door and won’t be a hindrance.

Additionally, consider putting your refrigerator beside your kitchen door. As a result, you will have an easy time reaching for foodstuff from the fridge.

Partition Your Living Room and Kitchen

If you have limited kitchen space, you can place the refrigerator at the junction between the living room and the kitchen. It would even act as a partition of the two rooms.

Keep the Refrigerator Away From Heat

It would be best if you never stored a refrigerator near any equipment that emanates heat. Remember, the fridge needs to remain as cool as possible.

So, if you put it near the cooker or oven, you interfere with its normal functioning. Likewise, avoid putting your refrigerator in an outdoor area where it receives sunlight.

When you do this, you significantly reduce its durability. When the fridge gets exposed to too much heat, it has to overwork to function effectively.

In turn, it can malfunction over a short period.

Loading Area

There should be a counter or shelf near the fridge. It allows you to place things before or after taking them out of the refrigerator.

As a result, you won’t keep the refrigerator door open for too long. Remember, the fridge should not stay open for a long time.

Otherwise, it will absorb warm air and overwork to function normally.

Properly Aerated Area

Typically, every refrigerator works well if it is adequately ventilated. These equipment have inbuilt structures to allow for ventilation.

It could be on any part of the fridge. So, check the manual to confirm this. As a matter of fact, suppose the refrigerator lacks proper ventilation, it takes up warm air.

As a result, it tends to work more than usual, and its longevity gets reduced. So, wherever you store the fridge should facilitate proper ventilation.

Always leave a space for ventilation when placing the refrigerator. This way, the fridge runs and performs effectively.

The Size, Shape, and Design of the Appliance Matters

Every refrigerator is different. Depending on the brand, refrigerators function differently. Thus, they will need different storage spaces.

Let us look at an illustration. Some refrigerators get built with French doors that enable you to access all items while standing.

Such types of refrigerators should get stored in places with no obstacles. Otherwise, since most of them are large, they could get damaged easily in small spaces.

Additionally, different refrigerators have different sizes. A larger fridge would need larger storage spaces.

On the flip side, small refrigerators don’t need too much storage space. The shape of the refrigerator also matters.

The more intricate the design, the more storage space you will require. So, when purchasing this well-known equipment, ensure that you evaluate your kitchen measurements.

Keep in mind that you desire to enhance your kitchen aesthetics. So, if you live in a studio apartment, go for a refrigerator model that complements the space available.

It all depends on the model. Different models need different spaces.


Ultimately, the best place to store a refrigerator depends on the type of refrigerator. Nonetheless, a fridge should get stored in aerated areas.

Also, it should not get exposed to sunlight or heat. Above all, ensure that the storage area of your fridge complements your interior décor.

Storing your fridge well lengthens the lifespan of your fridge. Also, it helps the equipment function to its maximum ability.

This way, you save on maintenance costs. Even if you have limited space, do your best to find the most suitable spot for your refrigerator.

Consider all the factors mentioned in this article and store your fridge accurately and safely.