What Can You Cook In A Cast Iron Skillet?

Cast iron skillets are a necessity in every household as well as an important tool for culinary experts.

Due to its versatility, this kitchen equipment can cook different types of cuisines worldwide. Dishes prepared by cast iron skillet have a unique texture and flavor.

It is key to find out the popular cooking methods with a cast iron skillet to achieve great cooking results. These methods are inclusive of:


Sear and Sautée:

Cast iron skillets are great for searing and sautéing foods. As long as you season your skillet well, they can endure high heat without food sticking on its surface.


Braising means to simmer the meat in a small amount of flavored liquid to improve its taste.

A Cast iron skillet is ideal since they sustain the meat’s temperature for a long time.

Moreover, the cooking equipment caramelizes sugary liquids like wine, hence improving your meat texture.


Yes, you read that, right! It is possible to bake on a skillet.

Cast iron skillets distribute heat evenly, making it easier to bake and sustain the baked food’s crunchiness.


Cast iron skillets maintain the same heat, even after the addition of oil.

This enables fast frying of the outer layer of the food without permitting oil entry to the inner parts of the food.

We often use a cast iron skillet for only one purpose and forget it can handle so many other ingredients.

This article features the various dishes prepared by this amazing kitchen tool.

Chicken Fried Steak

Chicken Fried Steak is one of the many meals prepared by a cast iron skillet.

Unlike stainless steel, the pan maintains an even temperature even with the food placed in it. Frying brings out a solid layer of seasoning.

Thick Cut Steak

The meal’s recipe is simple and brief. Add salt on the heating skillet.

Pat both sides of the steak dry, and when the skillet is hot enough, place the steak and make sure to keep turning to prevent burning, until the steak is ready.

Fried Eggs

Fried eggs are a common dish on cast iron skillets.

The ability to clean, fry, and flip the egg perfectly is an achievement cast iron skillets boast off.

There are numerous recipes on how to fry an egg online, and the use of a cast iron skillet makes them look pros in the culinary sector.


Pancakes are similar to cooking eggs but an upgraded version.

It is a fragile food necessitates an almost perfect seasoning to cook without messing up.

This is possible because of the skillet’s non-stick feature.


You have to know the three most important things when cooking bacon in a cast iron skillet are; begin when the pan is cold, know when to get it out, and know that it is recommendable because of its high-fat content, which is good for seasoning.


Isn’t Cornbread fantastic for an early morning meal?

Place your fat-filled skillet in the hot oven. When the skillet is hot, pour the batter on the skillet.

This will give you a crunch crust and a fluffy interior. Pour some butter on top when done. Your cornbread is ready and tasteful.


Pizza is a go to snack or meal for many.

With your skillet, you can make your own pizza using your desired flavors instead of ordering from the outside.

Preheat the pan then place the pizza dough. This will give it a crunchy crust, and you can add toppings of your liking.

Smash Burgers

Cast iron is ideal for meals that cannot cook for long but still require a crust.

These thin burgers can be horrible when overcooked and dry. Placing it on a cast iron skillet will quickly turn its outer layer brown, so it does not overcook.


It is by now evident that cast iron skillets are a great choice for breakfast.

Making your hashbrowns using a cast iron skillet is as easy and makes it crunchier.

Ensure to get the most water out of it before placing them in.


This is basically one of the favorite pies.

All you do is mix all the delicious ingredients and place them in a skillet to bake for 30 min. The even heat makes the crust incredibly tasty.

Whole Roasted Chicken

Begin by preheating the skillet.

Season and oil the chicken before placing it in a hot skillet.

Place the skillet in the oven and make sure to keep on flipping it to achieve a crunchy skin on both sides of the chicken skin and more fat for later seasoning.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Brussels made in a cast iron skillet and cooked in an oven makes it so delicious even those who do not like the meal will definitely have a bite.

Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese requires understanding the purpose of the selected cooking surface.

Few cooking types of equipment are as efficient as a cast iron skillet to achieve fast crispiness and fat displacement.

While preparing this meal, avoid having the skillet extremely hot as the butter can rise like smoke.

Okra & Tomatoes

Most times, Okra is either deep-fried or battered though it can be good in its original form.

This dish aims to cook the veggies without overcooking them by putting them in the skillet when it is hot.

Mix the vegetable mixture in oil before placing them in the pan to avoid flare ups and splashing.

Corn Tortillas

A comal is the perfect equipment for a homemade tortilla though we do not have them.

A huge skillet can be a suitable alternative but has surface area compared to the previous. Do not use metal kitchen equipment to turn it if need be.

Instead, use a silicone flipper or your hands to prevent or minimize oil splash.

Dutch Baby

This is a simple breakfast, lunch, or dinner recipe.

The ingredients are easily available. All you need is to mix all the ingredients and pour the mixture in the skillet to bake.

There are many more recipes that you can try out on your cast iron skillet. This is just but a few of the most common meals.

Do not limit yourself! But as you do so, be sure to check on dishes not recommended for a cast iron skillet.