How Do I Clean A Sink Without A Disposal?

Currently, it is surprising how most apartment sinks do not have garbage disposals. Thus, people have to be creative and figure out how to get rid of the waste matter in sinks.

The majority of people will manually remove dirt particles on their sink and throw them into the bin.

But it would be best to have the garbage disposal fixed directly onto the sink’s waste pipe. This way, all food particles get washed away without clogging the sink.

Considering garbage disposals are not always available, people have come up with various ways on how to get rid of dirt particles found in sinks.


Buy a Strainer 

If your apartment does not have a garbage disposal, consider using a strainer. These devices are unbelievably cheap and help in preventing bad kitchen odor and clogging.

You can get them from a regular store for as little as $5. Strainers trap the dirt particles in a sink.

Thus, they prevent debris from going down the drain. So, after washing dishes, all you need to do is to empty the strainer.

You can clean them at least weekly using baking soda to promote their effectiveness.

Keep the Sink Clean 

Besides using a strainer, always maintain a clean kitchen sink.

Remember, small food particles and oils can still make their way past the strainer and lead to clogging.

Therefore, wash your sink thoroughly at least once a week. It is commendable to let hot water, white vinegar, and baking soda run through the drain to get rid of grease.

Flush Waste Matter into the Toilet 

At times, it is hard to collect liquid food particles on your sink manually. So, if you do not have a garbage disposal, consider pouring in the liquid in the toilet.

Avoid draining the liquid in your sink as it might cause clogging. Flushing the liquid down your toilet is a better and quicker technique.

Compost If You Can 

Instead of washing your fruit seeds in your sink, consider throwing them in your backyard.

Alternatively, you can sign up for a municipal program and dispose of them there.

This way, you will make good use of the waste.

Look At the Positive Side

Without a doubt, you will face many inconveniences if you do not have a garbage disposal. However, it is always good to look for great opportunities from the negative side of things. So, consider this.

You have a lot of space to store kitchen equipment beneath your sink when you don’t have a garbage disposal.

Additionally, you can benefit from composting the waste matter. Also, you do not have to think about garbage disposal maintenance costs.

As much it may offer convenience, there is a brighter side to lacking garbage disposal.

Can I Put Drain Cleaner Down A Garbage Disposal?

If you have a blocked garbage disposal, what are the techniques that can solve this problem? Drain cleaners are among the chemicals used to fix clogged pipes or drainage systems.

There is a broad spectrum of drain cleaners that homeowners can incorporate. Various types of drain cleaners have different uses.

Also, they pose several benefits as well as disadvantages. Even so, homeowners can fix clogged garbage disposal using chemicals and home remedy drain cleaners.

Frequently, garbage disposals get clogged due to food particles and grease. As a result, the rotor blocks and the drain experience an overflow.

But homeowners can solve this issue using various drain cleaners.

Are Drain Cleaner Used For Unclogging Garbage Disposals? 

Some of the types of drain cleaners that homeowners can use on garbage disposals include the Liquid-Plumr® Disposal & Drain Cleaner and Kitchen Clog Destroyer Gel with Lemon Scent.

The Liquid-Plumr® Disposal & Drain Cleaner is useful in solving the biggest clogs in your garbage disposal. Moreover, the chemical cleans the garbage disposal for you.

This effective drain cleaner is also used in deep washing a garbage disposal. All you need to do is to pour some amount of the chemical into the disposal.

Allow it to sit in the garbage disposal for some time and let it clear the drain. On the other hand, the kitchen clog destroyer gel with lemon scent will leave your kitchen smelling so good.

Preventing Blockage of Garbage Disposals

Besides solving clogging issues, the Liquid-Plumr® Disposal & Drain Cleaner and Kitchen Clog Destroyer Gel with Lemon Scent will prevent clogging.

Nonetheless, it would help if you observed all the usage measures indicated in the garbage disposal manual to avoid blocking. Also, do your research on what should pass through the garbage disposal.

As a result, you will prevent a lot of sink repair procedures. Using the chemicals mentioned above once in a while help in clearing your garbage disposal.

Thus, you may want to include them on your list the next time you go shopping.

It Is Best To Use Safer Chemicals 

Homeowners need to identify the right drain chemicals to use. Drain cleaners like Drano can cause chemical burns on skins and erode the surrounding surfaces.

So, consider using less harsh chemicals like Liquid-Plumbr. The drain cleaner contains citric acid that provides practical unclogging actions.

Alternatively, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda and let it run through the drain.

Note that the combination is quite mild; thus, it may take longer to work than other drain cleaners. Even so, the homemade mixture is much safer.

But if you want to use Drano, observe all the safety measures indicated in the manual.

Avoid coming into direct contact with the chemical and cover the garbage disposal once you pour it. Otherwise, it can splash and lead to severe skin irritation and corrode nearby surfaces.


There are many ways to clean sinks without a garbage disposal. You can flush the waste matter down the toilet or use a strainer.

All these techniques are effective in preventing sink clogs. Nonetheless, if you have a garbage disposal, certain drain cleaners are useful for preventing clogs.

At the end of the day, all homeowners wish to have a clean, sparkling sink.