Do Wood Blocks Dull Knives?

Often, knife blocks make your kitchen look cleaner and neater, besides, they store your knives safely and prevent any kitchen accidents.

These kitchen devices vary in shape, size, and material. They can be wooden or metallic and are large enough to store a dozen knives.

Even though they offer a wide range of benefits, knife blocks have some downsides too. In particular, wooden knife blocks could cause more harm than good.

Some of the disadvantages of knife wood blocks include:

Knife Wood Blocks Dull Your Knives 

One of the disadvantages of wooden knife blocks is making knives dull. Needless to say, all knives are vulnerable to becoming blunt after some time.

However, if you store your knives in woodblocks, the blades scratch over the wooden surface and are likely to get dull much faster.

Additionally, anytime you pull your knife block from and into the block, the blade is likely to become blunt much faster.

Based on previous studies, knife blades become blunt only after 70 scratches in the block. On the other hand, other knife storage devices like a magnetic strip rarely lead to dull knives.

Knife Wood Blocks Carry Germs 

Your woodblock could store bacteria in its dark slots.

These slots offer a conducive environment for the growth of microbes. It is, therefore, essential to thoroughly clean those slots with disinfectant and dry them properly.

When placing knives in the woodblock, ensure they are completely dry to prevent harboring of bacteria in the wood blocks.

According to the National Sanitation Foundation, the number of microbes in knife blocks was more than bacteria found on bathroom floors. So, be careful every time you slide your knife in the wooden block.

Clean both the knife and wood block thoroughly and frequently. Also, dry it out completely before using it.

How to Store Knives Correctly 

Due to the disadvantages wood blocks cause, there are other alternatives that homeowners could use to store their knives appropriately.

They include magnetic strips, countertop knife blocks, and drawer inserts. Every method is useful when used correctly, and your best alternative dramatically varies based on the layout of your kitchen.

Also, in every technique you plan to use, ensure that the knife’s blade does not rub against the storage appliance since this might lead to bluntness.

Additionally, the knife’s tip should not touch the storage device.

What Should You Get Instead?

Drawer Storage 

When storing knives, it is best if you select the safest place in the house to avoid any accidents.

Storing your knives in a drawer could be the safest option for your family.

However, do not just throw your knives in the drawer, organize and space them to ensure they do not rub against each other.

Furthermore, put in mind that you could get cut when reaching out for a knife, so arrange them properly in the drawer.

Consider installing knife drawers. These types of drawers are uniquely designed with separate sections for each knife, therefore, every knife is arranged into its section and will not encounter any friction with other kitchen utensils.

Knife drawers come in a broad spectrum of designs and shapes. But it is advisable to select the one with numerous sections to house each knife in its slot.

Universal Knife Block

Another storage device that is much more efficient in preventing dullness is the Universal knife block.

This storage appliance incorporates angled rods and looks like a conventional knife block. The good thing is that you can store each knife in any slot in the angled rods.

The rods are specially designed to safeguard the blade and prevent bluntness. Also, you can wash them using your dishwasher.

Magnetic Knife Strips

Wall storage is ideal for homeowners with large kitchens. Magnetic knife strips are drilled into the kitchen walls above the counter space, thus enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetics.

Besides looking classy and elegant, they save you a lot of counter and drawer space. Additionally, you will have an easy time picking out the knife you want to use since all of them are visible.

Unlike using drawer storage, you will not spend much time figuring out where you stored a particular knife.

Magnetic strips vary in shape, size, and material. They could have a metal or wooden finish. Thus you are free to choose your preferred type that rhymes with your kitchen decor.

One of the knife storage appliances you could use is the magnetic knife strip. It is wooden in material, can accommodate many knives, and is relatively affordable. You could get it for only $13

Selecting the appropriate magnetic knife strip entails evaluating the robustness of the device. Magnetic strips that contain the right amount of strength will be strong enough to store the knife firmly.

Also, ensure that the strength of the strip does not interfere with the knife’s sharpness.

Once you buy a magnetic strip, you will require incorporating specific techniques to safeguard the blades.

So how do you place the knife on the magnetic strip?

Ensure that the section touching the magnet is the dull backside of the knife. Consequently, your knife will not encounter any risk of scratching its sharp edges on the magnetic strip’s surface.

Knife Care Basics 

Besides selecting a better alternative for storing your knives, there are other techniques you can incorporate to prevent dullness and prolong the lifespan of your knives. Some of these ways entail:

  • Ensure that you frequently sharpen your knife.

You can get such services in grocery stores, meat sellers, among other local providers.              But you can ask your neighbors; they could give you nice recommendations.

  • Another way to maintain your knife is to clean them manually, avoid using dishwashers to clean knives.

Also, before placing them in a storage appliance, dry them out completely and avoid mixing them with other utensils in the sink for a long time as they might scratch against other utensils.

Ultimately, regardless of the storage alternative you settle for, store them appropriately. Consequently, this will prolong their lifespan by making them sharper for a longer time.