Can a Convection Oven replace a Microwave?

In this day and age, most people prefer ovens due to their desirable attributes.

Ovens vary in shape, size, and materials while performing different functions. But they all offer excellent functionality; thus, when buying one, settle for the one that best suits your needs.


One of the most common ovens used by most homeowners is convection ovens and microwaves.

If you are not a careful observer, you may not be able to differentiate these two kitchen appliances due to their similar appearance.

Although they both lessen cooking times, they do not operate similarly and incorporate different cooking techniques.

For this reason, if you thought of replacing your microwave with a convection oven, too bad because these kitchen appliances work pretty differently.

So, before you purchase any of these kitchen devices, determine the primary purpose of buying it.

This way, you will be able to identify which appliance will work best for you. But let us further understand why a convection oven cannot replace a microwave.

Convection vs. Microwave Oven

Presently, several homeowners purchase both microwave ovens and convection ovens. On the flip side, some will either buy a microwave or a convection oven.

Due to the broad spectrum of functions convection oven offers, the demand for this appliance is increasing by the day.

So, if you have a limited budget and desire to buy one, here is some information to help you.

  1. How convection oven Works

As seen earlier, the convection oven cannot replace the microwave because they work differently.

Thus, in case you plan on buying these appliances, it is advisable to have comprehensive information on how they work.

Consequently, this will help you settle for the device that best suits your requirements.

Convection Oven:

The convection oven works similarly as traditional ovens, although they are much quicker and effective.

What do they do?

Convection ovens prepare meals by facilitating the circulation of hot air in the whole device that reaches all sides of the food.

Immediately you switch on the oven, the heating components in the oven get heated up, and ease the transfer of heat to the air inside the oven.

Afterward, the oven fans boost the circulation of air in the oven hence cooking the meal.

Consequently, convection ovens promote uniform and quick-cooking, thus averting any burn spots or under-cooked sections in the food.

Microwave Oven:

On the other hand, microwaves employ a different cooking mechanism from conventional microwaves.

Microwaves use electromagnetic waves from an inbuilt electromagnetic wavelength generator.

With these devices, electromagnetic waves heat moisture in the food, making food warm on every side.

Unlike convection ovens, microwave ovens cannot broil foods.

  1. Power Source

Convection ovens can either incorporate electricity or gas.

Therefore, they can work for a wide variety of people from all walks of life. Additionally, homeowners can use them in different placements.

But note that convection ovens using electricity are better functioning compared to gas convection ovens.

Conversely, microwaves only have one power source, which is electricity.

Considering they incorporate magnetic waves to heat food, a different power source will not work for them.

Therefore, when buying microwaves, it is best if you go for an energy-efficient one.

  1. Cooking Time

Of course, one of the main reasons you want to purchase these devices is to lessen your cooking time.

Convection ovens function relatively faster than microwave ovens. Although microwaves heat food faster, they tend to be slower in preparing meals.

Convection ovens can attain very high temperatures and incorporate an effective system of apportioning heat when cooking food.

  1. Best Uses

Now that you know convection ovens cannot replace microwaves, the determinant of which device to buy should be the oven’s purpose.

Therefore it is vital to identify what you intend to use the microwave for.

Convection Oven:

Compared to microwaves, convection ovens provide high versatility since they can prepare almost all meals imaginable.

So, if you intend to cook a wide variety of meals, the convection oven is a good alternative. These devices can cook, bake, grill, caramelize, and roast foods.

Microwaves ovens will not be able to perform all these as their design is different.

Microwave Oven:

Although the microwave does not offer high versatility, it is much better when warming meals.

The kitchen appliance heats food much quicker than convection ovens while presenting a little risk of burn spots or cold spots.

Microwaves can also boil milk, water, defrost foods, cook pasta, and even make popcorns.

  1. Cooking Capacity

The interior space of the oven will highly depend on the type of the microwave or convection oven.

Both appliances come in different sizes and brands. But typically, convection ovens have more extensive capacities than microwaves.

Convection ovens have two or more racks to enable the end-user to prepare different meals simultaneously.

Even though microwaves could be large, preparing vast quantities of food simultaneously could be challenging.

Thicker foods are vulnerable to uneven cooking in a microwave.

  1. Cost

Both microwave and convection ovens are useful.

Even so, you have to ensure the appliance you choose offers value for money. As long as the oven offers excellent functionality, don’t worry too much about the cost.

Today there is a wide range of companies manufacturing microwave and convection ovens. As a result, there are both budget-friendly and premium models.

The choice depends on your preference and budget.

Nonetheless, the convection oven usually is more expensive than the microwave. If you desire a convection oven, keep in mind that the minimum you are likely to spend is $100.

On the flip side, microwaves can be as cheap as $50.


In summary, both microwave and convection ovens are gradually becoming a necessity in most homes.

However, you must settle for the one that offers maximum benefits and suits your situation. You can buy both of the appliances of your budget allows since they all perform different functions.

But microwaves are the perfect devices to buy if you want to warm, heat or defrost food quickly. On the other hand, a convection oven is ideal if you cook a wide variety of meals regularly.

Suppose you are a commercial cook, it is best to go for the convection oven instead of the microwave. They can perform roasting, grilling, baking, and caramelizing functions.

The bottom line is that both devices are unique in their ways, so replacing your microwave with a convection oven might not be a good idea.